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Looking to God out of Humiliation

Isaiah 17:7-11  In that day men will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel. They will not look to the altars, the work of their hands, and they will have no regard for the Asherah poles {That is, symbols of the goddess Asherah} and the incense altars their fingers have made.

In that day their strong cities, which they left because of the Israelites, will be like places abandoned to thickets and undergrowth. And all will be desolation. You have forgotten God your Savior; you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress. Therefore, though you set out the finest plants and plant imported vines, though on the day you set them out, you make them grow, and on the morning when you plant them, you bring them to bud, yet the harvest will be as nothing in the day of disease and incurable pain.

The most likely time when men will look to God is during periods of humiliation, such as when God brings judgment upon us. However the kind of circumstances people faced in Isaiah's time are seldom experienced among Westerners today. When things go bad people most often turn not to God but to money to solve their problems. Here we see it implied that God is offended when people turn to other things and ignore Him. When things go wrong in your life what is your initial inclination to turn to?

When things go wrong we should turn to God, but also it is at times the case that things go wrong because we've ignored God in our lives. God may destroy people's hopes, ambitions, properity and material things, whatever it is between them and God.We either move them to the side from God's path or God will rip right through them. In view of this let us consider whether we have particular ambitions or plans in life which God is not an essential part of. And what material things we have which we have not given to God.

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015