Here is a Calvinist reponding to "Calvin's Style of Argument". And as you will see it contains the same kind of irrational contemptuous rhetoric seemingly characteristic of the theological offspring of Calvin.

You are criticizing a man that is  just and believes in a just God. You donít understand what he is saying because like the anonymous author  you also contend with God for his clear teachings in the word.  I donít believe that Calvin had anyone put to death, but your theology is creating your hatred for a just doctrine that you will never understand unless you allow Christ to enlighten your mind. This was not a tantrum at all I can understand why he called this person the things he did. God also calls some dogsÖÖ.. read the psalms.    The dogs are barking around the city and Gods word says let them.  You donít really hate Calvin but Calvinís God you despise.   I really believe you have created  a God according to how you translate the scripture. But scripture is not of any private interpretation.    Iíll can almost bet that the person he is contending with is a Roman Catholic (wrong guess - lost that bet!), and you have the nerve to say they are a type of Christian in another of your articles.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and went to parochial  school. I can guarantee you that I never heard the gospel in that church. The sacrifice of the mass is an abomination and they sell their people salvation by making them pay for baptisms and prayers after they are dead to  be released from purgatory. I have lost a few close relatives to these pernicious teachings!   My poor grandmother, paying a priest 50 dollars to have prayers said at the alter during mass for her father,  with a promise to get him out of purgatory!    Blasphemous!   Why donít you just stop insulting Calvin.   He is the more righteous of this other fellow (Servetus) who has no guts because he fears for his life????? Please. (See the murder of Servetus Surely you jest.   Except God keep the city the watchman watches in vain.    He had nothing to fear If he truly belonged to God 

So the logic this Calvinist is using is that anyone who fears being tortured to death - like Christ, for example - must not belong to God. But Calvin wasn't on trial. He wasn't being threatened with be burned alive. So what was his virtue? Was it his fearlessnes of committing murder?

Furthermore you will note that there is no discussion of the actual content of the argument and rebuttal. The idea is just the fact of a criticism against Calvin is automatically reckoned hatred without substantively dealing with the ACTUAL SUBSTANCE of the criticism. Could it be that Calvinists are so much caught up in denominational allegiance it renders them incapable of carrying on a rational conversation?