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Discussion with Teresa
Round 2

Teresa wrote:

If a dead man can repent without the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin and their need for a savior I guess you can believe anything.

Just keep in mind that without reform leaders (like Luther, who was a double predestaniarn ) you would still be going to mass on Sunday and kissing the ring of the Pope.

They understood scripture in a way that Arminius and Wesley never did .

I should tell you that I was an Arminian/ Wesleyan until the day that I realized that God was really in charge all throughout scripture, that God is the author of the past and the future .

The problem with your article is that it is not clear in its presentation, an unschooled reader would read it that Calvinists believe they are born saved and do not need to repent and believe to be saved.
So please consider rewording your text to reflect what you say you mean..that is that regeneration precedes the faith to believe.
But that like all evangelical Christians we believe that repentance and making Christ the Lord of your life is necessary to be saved.

BCBSR Reponse


Thanks for the suggestion:

Here's your suggestion: "please consider rewording your text to reflect what you say you  mean.. that is that regeneration precedes the faith to believe."

And here's what was written, "reckoning the "chosen" to be regeneration before even hearing and believing"

I suppose I should change "regeneration" to "regenerate", to be grammatically correct. But other than that it seems to me that what I already wrote is about the same as what you suggested. Maybe you could clarify the difference you find significant.

Furthermore the issue is not whether Calvinism is more Biblical than Arminian Theology. The issue is whether I am portraying Calvinism accurately.  And from what I've studied of Calvinism, and even from what you say, it appears I am portraying it accurately. Yes people can misread what I wrote. People have misread even what the Bible says for that matter. People read into the Bible rather than reading out of it. So also people may read into what I say things that I didn't actually say. Jesus was not particularly concerned about people misinterpreting what he said. Jesus did not obsess over how to say things so explicitly that no one could misunderstand him. He who has ears, let him hear.

But as for Calvinism, here's a question for you: Does God hold people accountable for things they have no control over?

Steve Amato
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The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015