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Muslim says:

Hello steve, Let me answer some of my ambigous talk; its not that i dont believe what Jesus said, if it came out of his mouth it was truth from birth to death.  I sincerely believe it.  My problem is he didnt write the bible, man did, many years later, and they dont to my understanding have an original hebrew bible.  Which was then converted to Greek (which is still available and then to English or whatever Language)  So the validity of the writings and the writers and the time line it was written was my problem with it, NOT THE WORD OF JESUS (may peace be upon him) My question is that the word of Jesus.

I know you didnt mean to compare Islam to Hinduism, We are true monotheists, the Jews dont accept Jesus at all and you seem to adore them.  But that is a low blow.  So you are saying Mohammed had no proof or miracles, their are documentation of many, but you choose to not accept them or believe them is up to you. In Islam there is the Quaran and there is Hadith, Hadith is similar to the bible, where companions wrote sayings and events down.  Where as The Quaran is to be infalliable straight word for word from GOD-> Gabriel-> Mohammed, there can be error in reporting of hadith because its not from Godly, ANgelic or prophetic sources.  That belief in Islam is why i judge the Bibles authenticity. Also why would in illiterate man decide to come out with this information, he was illiterate, he was an orphan there was no education process, he died illiterate, he could only recite Quran to have it written and read back for purity. Him being an orphan is a historical fact his parents died very young, in a poor village, poor orphans dont learn to read and write and then take the Torah and the Bible and make them easy to say and remember.  The Quaran talks about how it was made easy to remember, all our scholars have it memorized word for word.  As for the Bible what version are they going to memorize what translation there is no authentic Bible around, even the first ones were written so long after who knows what was added and subtracted.  We have over 1500 years with exact writing not one period or comma changed.  In the Quran it say that God will keep it safe and free alterations.

So to summarize Its not Jesus I argue with its the Bible and those who wrote it and translated it.

Now you also missed my third question,[ "NOW this is my most important point, the people of the world thousands of years before Jesus, what happens to them?  Moses was before Jesus, his people which God Saved did not believe in Jesus.  So is Moses Going to Hell? Isaac and Abraham too?  They talked about a messiah, but they never said son of GOD. Islam says all that believe in God and the last day and DO GOOD WORKS (belief isnt enough) have nothing to fear nothing to regret, so Islam clearly states you dont have to be Muslim to go to Heaven, while Christianity takes a harsher view. " ] Also the Bible mentions that you must believe in Jesus by name none of the previous prophets knew his name.

I hope we can keep the conversation friendly, I appreciate the help, I was seriously considering conversion when i first emailed you, but i haven't found anything that is able to do that and i am learning about my religion now as we discuss, so either way thank you.  

BCBSR Response:

Oh I see, you don't believe in Jesus described in the Bible. You don't believe what the Biblical Jesus said. While you believe in someone you call "Jesus", it is a different "Jesus" than I believe in. Well that confirms what I said on the web page I assume you read. Namely that the Jesus of the Koran is not the same person as the Jesus of the Bible.

You claim that your unbelief is based upon your opinion that the Bible is lying - that it is merely fabricating the words of Jesus - that the Jesus of the Bible is a lie, a mere fabrication. I have also read it and concluded otherwise. The testimonials in the Bible are convincing to me. So there's really nothing more to add to our discussion other than the suggestion that you go back and read it again, or perhaps for the first time, if you haven't actually read the document. Or is it reasonable to you to make a judgement before examining the evidence? Might I suggest you read the gospel of Matthew, then the gospel of Mark, then the gospel of Luke, then the gospel of John and then the book of Acts which was also compiled by Luke.

Now if you don't have a Bible I could send you one, and they are also available online. As for the issue of translation, as you will see from the content in the Bible when you read it, the meaning is not highly (and certainly not essentially) dependent upon the language being used. For the word of Yahweh is for all people, and not for Arabs alone.

As for your other question, I already answered, but apparently you did not receive it. He who has ears, let him hear.

Good Biblestudying to you

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