Round 4

Muslim says:

Anger doesnt convert or "save" anyone now steve does it.  I have good information in two emails you havent replied to.  THe prophets before Jesus according to you and your religion are going to hell because they didnt aknowledge him by name as the son of God, that means ADAM, NOAH, MOSES, ABRAHAM, JOSEPH and more... are condemned to Hell fire.   I have asked you this twice and all you do is get angry?   What reasoning by Christianity arent they?

I have a couple things for you: For me to be correct the bible has to have some falses, for you to be correct Mohammed has to be a fraud.  You can not prove and I can not prove, but the works of the Quaran and the writing arent bad for an illiterate if you ask me. And believing in ONE GOD period without sons, daughters makes sense to me, the GOD of Abrahman, he never mentioned anything about a son!  THe Jews dont talk about a son and didnt even accept him. Koran: Oneness 112:1-112:4 God is One, the Eternal God. He Begot none, nor was He begotten. Nor Does he have partners in his sovereignty. (Thas the God I believe in) Steve have you ever though you might be wrong?  What makes you born right, and me born wrong?  Your arguement is full of holes and lack of reason and answers, i am not even well versed in Islam and you can not rebuttle my comments and questions. (THe Unbelievers)- YOu dont believe in what I believe and I will never believe in what you believe, to you your religion and to me mine. (Not bad for a fraud? huh?) Koran The Table: Then GOD WILL say "Jesus son of Mary did you ever say to mankind: "Worship me and my mother as gods besides God?: Jesus: Glory to You, He will answer how could I ever say that to which I have no right?  IF i had ever said so, You would have surely known it."

Thats why I believe what I believe, and you have shown me nothing to disprove it.  In actuality Steve you did save me, thank you.  I never had this much faith in my religion as I do now!  If you can honestly refute any of the above, without "thats the way it is" answers please do or send the questions who can answer them better, but for now, "I testify there is One God and Mohammed is the messenger of Him"

BCBSR Response:

Don't know what you're referring to by "anger". I simply answered you with the objective facts. But it seems you're just not paying attention. For I answered your questions.  But you lie as for example you say, "THe prophets before Jesus according to you and your religion are going to hell." I never said that. You're simply lying. So also you say, "THe Jews dont talk about a son and didnt even accept him." Apparently you're ignorant of the fact that Jesus' apostles were Jewish. The establishment of the Christian church was composed of 5000 Jews, including priests and Pharisees, who all acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God. You simply don't know what you're talking about.

Perhaps you're just feeling too defensive and insecure about your religion to carrying on an objective discussion. As I suggested, you should read the New Testament before rejecting it. Doesn't that seem like a good idea? In fact, for example with respect to the salvation of such people as Abraham, you'll find even more information as to the Christian perspective when you get around to reading Romans. So get back to me after you've finished carefully reading through the New Testament if you have any further questions at that point. Afterall why ask me when you can simply read what it says? And on the judgment day how will you answer Jesus when he asks as to why you rejected him without even reading what he said? Is there something about reading the Bible that you're afraid of?

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015