Discussion with Muslims

Round 2

Muslim says:

Thanks for your reply. Regarding your views....

The Koran is not meant to be a book to teach science. God gave us these special brains so we can think, learn, research, and find the ultimate truth. It would be impractical if God discusses quantum physics in the Koran, that’s for us to learn and investigate, and when we did in the 20th century, the miracle in the Koran was realized. It has a much greater impact this way. Besides, “pairing” may turn out to apply to more than just quantum physics in the future, it would be impractical, unnecessary, and defeating the purpose to discuss all the future science in detail in the 7th century. Moreover, there are miracles mentioned in Koran that are clear, straightforward, and can’t be explained any other way no matter how unfamiliar you are with the subject. Most of them are mentioned in this website  http://www.islam-guide.com/   This website even includes Biblical prophecies on the advent of Islam under Chapter 1, section (3). God wants us to use our brains and think about what He told us. For example, common sense says that the sun illuminates Earth, and that without sunlight darkness will cover the Earth. Is there anything simpler? But the Bible says something else: In Genesis 1:1-31, the Bible explains how the sun is related to day and night. The Bible says that on the first day, God created the light and darkness on Earth. The first evening came and the first morning followed. But God did not create the sun until the fourth day, specifically after three evenings and three mornings. So three evenings and the three mornings occurred on Earth before there was a sun. So according to the Bible, daylight occurs without the sun!. Unfortunately, I think the Bible was modified in the past, Jesus never said he was the son of God, the first words he spoke while still few days old were: “I am a slave of God,” He could have said I am the son of God but he didn’t for a reason!. I think one just has to believe in a religion that we have the best evidence for. If I tell you that I am the son of God, for example, you simply wouldn’t and shouldn’t believe me, unless I present you with evidence. Is there evidence now that Jesus was the son of God?? Imagine I was born and/or living somewhere in the world where they don’t even believe in God, and there are plenty of people like that. How would you have convinced me or them that Christianity is right and Islam is wrong? The “best” fascinating evidence points to Islam out of all the other religions. I think God revealed scientific miracles in the Koran during the 7th century, but most of these scientific laws and facts were only reached in the 20th century. Maybe that’s another reason why God gave us these “beautiful minds”, to search for and reason out the ultimate truth. In judgement day, If God tells me that the Koran wasn’t divine, I can mention the scientific miracles in the Koran, which in no possible way could have been written by a human. One would need telescopes, microscopes, spaceships, modern pressurizing equipment and much more to reach the facts mentioned in the verses of the Koran. This leads me to believe that these verses were revealed by the One who Knows the future, which is God. It is like believing in a simple scientific law in high school or university. If I refute Islam, I would have to refute ALL the proven modern science that humans have attained!!. Therefore, the Koran entails very powerful living and everlasting miracles, which don’t exist in any other religion. What would you say if God tells you that even though Jesus is a prophet of God, Islam is the final divine testament, and that considering all these miracles in Islam, you should have converted,??. You had to live in Jesus’ time in order to see his miracles, and he did have miracles, God gave every prophet miracles so people can believe. But all it takes to “see” the miracles in Islam is to read a verse from the Koran, which can be done at any time, in any century. How can you just ignore the fact that these advanced scientific facts were revealed 1400 years ago, they are part of this world, whether we like or we don’t, I would be living in denial if I don’t believe in the Islamic message. When I read these verses, I can’t explain how they were “reached” other than divine intervention. I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.

Just to follow up on my last email, I would like to say that if all that evidence that I sent you before is not enough, how about what God called “This is one of the great miracles." [74:35], the mathematical miracle!. Every chapter, verse, word, letter and their sequence in the Koran is “interlocked” and “meshed” together like a fabric via mathematical relationships that ensures the preservation of every single letter, as God promised. We only discovered this in 1974 since computers were needed; even though it was hinted at in the Koran. Some of this mind-boggling info can be seen at http://www.submission.org/beyond.html Note the calculation of the probability of it being a coincidence. Also see: http://www.submission.org/miracle/moon.html#Hadith If you would like more info about this undisputed miracle, let me know. The day of blind faith has passed. Please don’t think of this as some kind of a race or a competition. We all have been created here on this planet, and we must always search for and ask questions. We need to research each other’s religions so we can find the most convincing faith, the faith that God wants us to believe in to go to heaven. I think this should be the most important objective in every human’s life. From the evidence above, Islam is the only remaining religion on the face of the Earth that possesses physical evidence in every branch of science, and in Islam, God said that after Judaism and Christianity, Islam will be the final testament. I would truly appreciate your opinion. Thank you. God bless.

BCBSR Response:

You say you would truly appreciate my opinion, so I thought I would comment
further. Though I notice you had not taken to heart or mind my previous
response. The only new information you've provided concerns the alleged
miraculous nature of some numerological facts about the Koran. I'm not
convinced. In fact  there are muslims who themselves rebut that alleged
"miracle". See http://www.inet.ba/~hardy/whatmade.htm

Thanks for asking,

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015