Unification Church

We now have the means to heal all modern-day human problems, exalt every human soul and bring the Kingdom of God within the reach of every man (Moon, Christianity in Crisis, p. ix).


  • God Himself told me that the most basic and central truth of this universe is that God is the Father and we are His children (CIC, p. 9).
  • There is one living, eternal, and true God, a Person, beyond space and time ... source of all truth, beauty, and goodness ... creator and sustainer of man and the universe (Declaration of Unification Theological Affirmations at Barrytown, New York, October 14, 1976).
  • God, being the First Cause of all creation, also exists because of a reciprocal relationship between the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity ... We call the positivity and negativity of God "masculinity" and "femininity" respectively (Moon, Divine Principle, p. 24).
  • God existed as the internal masculine subject, and He created the universe as His external feminine object (DP, p. 25).
  • Man is the visible; and God is the invisible form. God and man are one. Man is incarnate God ... as important in value as God Himself (CIC, p. 5).
  • God is just like you and me. All human traits originate in God (CIC, p. 4).
  • Jesus Christ

  • As a man [Jesus was] no different from us except for the fact that he was without original sin (DP, p. 212).
  • He was the one who lived God's ideal in fullest realization (CIC, p. 12).
  • He "attained" the purpose of creation (DP, p. 290).
  • In light of his attained deity he may well be called God. Nevertheless, he can by no means be called God Himself (DP, pp. 210-11).
  • The death of Jesus was neither his will nor his fault. [It was] murder, and his body was taken by Satan (CIC, p. 104).
  • He will come again as the third Adam, the lord of the Second Advent. The Kingdom of God will gradually appear (DP, p. 506).
  • Jesus came as the sinless Adam, or perfected Adam. His first mission was to restore his bride and form the first family of God. But he was crucified. Jesus Christ must come again to consummate the mission he left undone 2,000 years ago (CIC, p.27). See "Reincarnation."
  • Christ will be born in a country in the East ... and will place a seal on the foreheads of the 144,000 (DP, p. 520).
  • Korea should be the nation that can receive the Lordof the Second Advent (DP, p. 520).
  • Even in the spirit world after his resurrection, he lives as a spirit man with his disciples (DP, p. 212).
  • Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit is a female Spirit. She also cleanses the sins of the people in order to restore them, thus indemnifying the sin committed by Eve ... the Holy Spirit, being female (negativity) in working on earth (DP, p. 215).
  • There must be a True Mother with the True Father, in order to give rebirth to fallen children as children of goodness. She is the Holy Spirit (DP, p. 215).
  • Sin

  • Adam and Eve ... were tempted by the archangel Lucifer into illicit and forbidden love. Through this, Adam and Eve willfully turned away from God's will and purpose for them, thus bringing themselves and the human race into spiritual death (DUTA).
  • Evil is the emergence of selfishness into this world. God's principle of unselfish giving was twisted into an ungodly principle of selfish taking. The origin of evil is Satan (CIC, pp. 16-17).
  • Redemption and Salvation

  • God's will that all people be restored to Him is predestined absolutely, and He has elected all people to salvation (DUTA).
  • He [Jesus] must come again to consummate teh mission he left undone 2,000 years ago. He was crucified ... not given a chance to restore his bride (CIC, p. 27).
  • God's work has been the restoration of original goodness ... To do this job God needs certain tools. The religions of the world have served as these tools for God. ... Christianity may be considered the most advanced and progressive religion because it teaches this sacrificial love and duty in supreme form (CIC, pp. 17-18).
  • Christ will come as before, as a man in the flesh, and he will establish a family through marriage to his Bride, a woman in the flesh and they will become the True Parents of all amnkind. Through our accepting the True Parents (the Second coming of Christ), obeying them and following them, our original sin will be eliminated and we will eventually become perfect (DUTA).
  • Marriage is the most important means of establishing Go's kingdom on earth (CIC, p. 25).
  • God intended to make Adam and Eve one in heavenly matrimony. Then they would have borne sinless children and become the true mother and father of all mankind... establishing the heavenly kingdom on earth (CIC, p.26).
  • Resurrection and Eternal Life

  • The invisible world was not created after the fall ... it had been created before the creation of men, so that their spirits, after they had accomplished the purpose of creation, might go and live there forever, once they had discarded their flesh, after their physical life on earth (DP, p. 168).
  • Physical [death] is not a result of the fall ... spiritual death signifiying the degradation to Satanic dominion, is the real death caused by the fall (DP, p. 169).
  • The human body, once it is dissolved into dust, cannot be resurrected to its original state. It is not necessary for a spirit man to resume his flesh, when there is a vast spirit world where he is supposed to go and lived forever (DP, p. 170).
  • Therefore, "resurrection," means the phenomena occurring in the process of man's restoration ... When we repent of our sins, making ourselves better and better, day by day, we are coming closer to resurrection (DP, p. 170).
  • Paradise is the region of the spirit world where those spirit men who have attained the life-spirit stage by believing in Jesus while on earth go after death, and stay until the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven is opened (DP, p. 177).
  • The providence of restoration, beginning on the individual level, is headed for the final goal of the restoration of the entire cosmos (DP, p. 187).
  • Reincarnation

  • The spirit men who left their missions unaccomplished on earth descend to earthly men ... and cooperate with them for the accomplishment of the will ... In this case, the earthly man is the "second coming" of the spirit man ... John the Baptist ... had to accomplish the mission Elijah had left unaccomplished (DP, pp. 187-88).

  • Compiled by Keith L. Brooks

    Revised by Irvine Robertson

    The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources

    Edition: Jul 29,2015