Fr Michael Azkoul 
Responds to the BCBSR web page 
on Orthodox Christianity

Criticism of the Orthodox: With your provincial Western mentality, you may not understand my reply: You have confidently assumed that the holy Scriptures are yours to interpret according to whatever sectarian tradition you hold. Without evidence you argue that the Scriptures are the only source of Christian doctrine.  You ignore the Apostolic Tradition which are the context of  the Scriptures. You are unaware that your religion is the product of Western culture ---- post Orthodox Western culture --- and you have no idea what this implies for your version of Christianity. The Orthodox Church  ---- wrongly labeled "the Eastern Church" --- is in fact the only Church established by Jesus Christ.  Her memory is two thousand years old  ---- yours, at best, five hundred years and,  I dare say, it has developed theologically over the years. Your "God" was conceived in the Latin Middle Ages.  It is not the "God" of  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the "God"   of  Augustine and Aquinas,  that is,  Plato and Aristotle.  And all this time you thought the Divinity you worshipped was Biblical. A false God, a false Christ, a false religion. Think about it.

Fr Michael Azkoul
St Catherine Greek Orthodox Ch
St Louis, Mo

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources Jul 29,2015