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Malachi Bible Study Guides
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Bible Study Guides

Mal 1:1-14 Responding to God's Love
Mal 2:1-16 The Warning to be Faithful to God and His People
Mal 2:17-3:6 The Call to have Hope in God's Righteousness
Mal 3:7-12 The Call to return to God's Faithfulness
Mal 3:13-4:6 The Promise to God's People


Superscription 1:1 An oracle of Yahweh by my messenger
First Dispute 1:2-5 Yahweh loves Israel
Yahweh I have loved you
People How have you loved us?
Yahweh By choosing Jacob (Israel) over Esau (Edom)
Second Dispute 1:6-2:9 Israel's Father deserves honor
Yahweh Why do you priests despise my name?
Priests How have we despised your name?
Yahweh By offering polluted sacrifices
Priests How have we done that?
Yahweh By offering blemished, lame, or sick animals
Third Dispute 2:10-16 Yahweh hates divorce
Prophet Yahweh will not accept your offerings
People Why?
Prophet Because you have broken your marriage
covenant with the wife of your youth
Forth Dispute 2:17-3:5 God is just (Part 1)
Prophet You have wearied Yahweh
People How?
Prophet By questioning his justice, 
thinking that evildoers will prosper. 
God will punish the wicked.
Fifth Dispute 3:6-12 Tithing is evidence of repentance
Prophet Return to Yahweh
People How?
Prophet You are robbing God
People How?
Prophet By withholding tithes and offerings
Sixth Dispute 3:13-4:3  God is just (Part 2)
Yahweh You have spoken against me
People How?
Yahweh By saying it is vain to serve God
He will punish the wicked and reward the faithful
First Epilogue 4:4 Keep the law of Moses
Second Epilogue 4:5-6 Elijah will come before the day of Yahweh

Old Testament Survey
Lasor, Hubbard & Bush
Eerdmans Publishing Co.

    1. How do you know God loves you?

    2. What are examples where we might not be giving God our best?

    3. What are ways in which we may honor God?

    4. How should Christians think about marriage to non-Christians?

    5. How should Christians think about divorce?

    6. How might you allow Christ to be Lord over your marriage
    (or concept of marriage, if you're single)?

    7. Why do good things happen to bad people?

    8. Besides money, what other things might you tithe?

    9. What benefits can we get by serving the Lord?

    10. What relevance does the Law of Moses have for Christians?

    11. What is it about the coming of Christ that we can look forward to?
    Or should we fear it?

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Jan 29,2022