The following is a Calvinist response to "The Implications of Calvinsim".

I was reading the above article and was wondering if you are responsible for writing it. I would like to comment that it has so many holes in it  that it’s pitiful. Whoever wrote it is extremely ignorant of God’s Word not only the NT but the OT also.  I have notice there is a big deal going on to discredit those who have what you call “Calvanistic Beliefs”  I wonder are you people military, globalists , what schools did you learn from?, for you have an agenda and it is pervading all the churches, are you UN? What??    You have an agenda for God too, you judge Him and make sure that He is the God you want to believe in.  He has to let you have free will or you have to condemn Him. The person who wrote this article has no idea of his sinfulness for evidently you think that you are able to give something to Him. You have to have an application for your beliefs……… which in the article I think you must mean works.  Have you never read Isa 26:12  Anything anyone does in Christ has been done by Christ in him.  As Jesus said without me….. you can do nothing. I find a deep hatred for God in all that you have written a disrespect for His Providence and a misuse of His word. Even if you work endlessly and thought it was good and tried judge yourself by what you did, Isaiah says all our works are as filthy rags before him. Only what God does in us through Christ  will be accepted before God and that leaves no  boasting to any person. Unless you can with Paul (the apostle) say I am chief of sinners, then you don’t even realize what you have  been saved from.  And if we all deserve hell which is what I know I deserve, then if Gods saves some ……… He is not unrighteous.  And no one has the right to say He is.  But I do believe that He is loving in that He gives us a heart to love  others, when before we were saved we could care less where anyone was ending up.  And He inspires by His Spirit for us to pray for people to  be saved.  He does not Reap where He has not sown!       The way you all attack Calvin who only had as much light as God granted him,  and others who you say are following him although  most just read the scripture and take it for what it says, is hateful and more hateful than anything that Calvin or any other  believer in predestination and election has done. So tell me just what is the true agenda behind all this teaching your trying to promote?  You aren’t going to save anyone because Salvation is of God and is given by him………. And if your teaching people to go out and do good works etc or even that they have the power to do things they do not except it  be given them from above,  what good are you doing exactly?   Jesus the Christ is the Iam , He opened the eyes of the blind , He opened the ears of the deaf, He caused the lame to walk, he raised the dead. Those are not just for physical application for He alone can unveil the heart Deut 30:6  and He alone can raise a dead man……. Dead in trespasses and sins.  I never heard of a dead man raising himself.

The Berean Christian Bible Study Resources
Jul 29,2015