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Acts 1a
Acts 1b
Acts 2a
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Acts 2d
Acts 3a
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Acts 4a
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Acts 5a
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Acts 6
Acts 13a
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Acts 14a
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Acts 15a
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Acts 16a
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Acts 17a
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Acts 25a
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Acts 28a
Acts 28b
The Great Commission
The Twelfth Apostle
Pentecost I - Tongues
Pentecost II - Sermon
Pentecost III - Response
Pentecost IV - Church Life
Peter Heals a Lame Man
Peter's Second Sermon
Peter Preaches to the Sanhedrin
The Christians in One Accord
Ananias and Sapphira
A Vain Attempt to Imprison the Word
Civil Disobedience
A Shift to Lay Ministry
Stephen's Sermon to the Council
The Stoning of Stephen
Philip Preaches in Samaria
Philip Converts the Ethiopian
Saul's Conversion
Saul's Commission
Paul Preaches in Judea
Peter Heals and Raises the Dead
Peter - A Reluctant Messenger to the Gentiles
Peter Preaches to Cornelius
Peter's Defense of Gentile Contact
The First Gentile Church
Death and Freedom in the Ministry
1st Missionary Journey - Cyprus
1st Missionary Journey - Antioch Pisidia I
1st Missionary Journey - Antioch Pisidia II
1st Missionary Journey - Iconium and Lystra
Returning to Strengthen the Brethren
Conflict with the Legalists
Final Defeat of the Circumcision in Antioch
2nd Missionary Journey - The Macedonian Vision
2nd Missionary Journey - Imprisoned in Philippi
2nd Missionary Journey - A Tale of Two Cities
2nd Missionary Journey - Athens
2nd Missionary Journey - Corinth
2nd Missionary Journey - Ephesus and Apollos
3rd Missionary Journey - Ephesus
3rd Missionary Journey - Conflict with the Idolators
3rd Missionary Journey - Paul's Ministering Disciples
3rd Missionary Journey - Farewell to the Ephesian Elders
3rd Missionary Journey - Paul Conforms to Jewish Customs
Paul's Arrest
Paul's Testimony
Paul's Trial before the Sanhedrin
Paul's Rescue
Paul's Trial by Felix
Paul's Imprisonment by Felix
Paul's Trial by Festus
Paul's Hearing by Agrippa - Part I
Paul's Hearing by Agrippa - Part II
Paul's Hearing by Agrippa - Part III
A Prophetic Shipwreck - Part I
A Prophetic Shipwreck - Part II
Paul's Witness on Malta
Paul's Witness in Rome

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